Top Tips for a Successful Party

6 tips for booking a kids entertainer

Avoid possible distractions

Bouncy castles and balloons are the arch nemeses of childrens entertainers. So that you and your guests get the most from the experience, it is recommended that bouncy castles near the performance space are turned off, and any loose balloons are set to the side. After the show, the children are more than welcome to return to bouncing, balloon popping fun!

Food, glorious food!

We recommend having your entertainer perform before children eat their food. If children are eating during the show, not only is this a distraction, but things can get messy quickly! After the show is also a great opportunity for the cake cutting, as the children are gathered already.

Book in advance

To guarantee your first choice of entertainer, it is recommended to book 6 weeks in advance. We are often booked up to two months in advance, as Alex is only one person and cannot be in two places at once! As soon as you have a date, time and location for your party, we are able to help you choose a package to suit you and get you booked in!

When is Show time?

We recommend booking your show to start between 15-30 minutes after the party begins. This leaves time for latecomers, settling in, and greeting parents. If it is a busy weekend, Alex cannot always delay his show, so a little planning goes a long way to make sure everyone gets the full entertainment experience!

Consider a weekday party

Weekends are certainly the most common days for parties, however a weekday party offers lots of benefits! Entertainers usually have more availability during the week, and children can go to the party straight from school. Extra points if you can use the school hall for our Gold Variety Package!

Remember to have fun

It may be a children’s party, but as a family entertainer hailing from Disneyland, Alex knows how to capture any audience! Our shows have laughs for the whole family, and Alex has performed his magic routines and circus skills for adults around the world. It is also a wonderful opportunity to bond with your children, sharing in the laughter and magical experience.

Ready to book?


Now that you have the best tips from a top children’s entertainer, it’s time to book! Choose your package and let us know your party date, time & location, and Alex will get back to you within 24 hours!


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