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All children grow up believing in magic, whether through the stories they are told, the films they watch, or from their own imagination.

As we get older, we find there is no time for fairytales and make-believe. But if we just looked closer, we would discover that the real magic is within us.

Through our interactive shows and workshops, our aim is to encourage children to find the magic within themselves, and to believe that they are capable of doing whatever they put their mind to.


childrens entertainer making snow appear in Christmas magic show
childrens entertainer juggling hat and ball in a magic show

How can your school benefit?

We provide a learning experience that cannot be found in a classroom. From a fun joint year 1 & 2 class assembly, to a celebratory end of term activity, our unique combination of magic, circus skills and imaginative story telling will leave students and teachers feeling uplifted and magical.  

What We Offer

Interactive Magic Shows

Our Interactive Magic Shows are truly a magical experience for students and teachers.

  • A 45 minute school assembly show packed with magic & circus skills.
  • Moments of interaction for the students to show off their creativity and imagination
  • Magic happens in the hands of the children! Full focus on their experience, and their ability to believe in themselves.

  • Materials to spread the excitement in the coming weeks and days before the show.
childrens entertainer interacting with audience during magic show


In addition to our shows, add a full day Magic and Circus Workshop  to give children the chance to experience the magic for themselves.

  • Learn easy to perform magic tricks that they can show to their family.

  • Encourage their ability to believe in themselves, and to find the magic within them.

  • Improve their coordination skills through circus arts including juggling and balance acts.

  • Learn the value of teamwork through partner and group circus games. 
child learning circus tricks in a school circus workshop

Special Events

We aim to elevate your students school experience, and provide the gift of magic to every occasion.Some of the Special Events we have performed for include:

  • Halloween & Christmas themed magic shows.
  • World Book Day or story themed interactive shows.
  • Class-specific workshops such as drama weeks and circus days

  • Class birthday parties and end of term events

Childrens entertainer performing magic trick in Christmas magic show

How It Works


Get in Touch

It all starts with an email. Whether you have an idea in mind, or have questions about our packages, we will assist you in choosing the right experience for your school.



Work out the Details

Once you get in contact and have chosen an experience for your school, we can confirm the date & time, as well as iron out any details that are unique to your occasion.



Show Time

From the initial confirmation to the day of your event, we will be in touch with material to get students and teachers excited for the big day. Let the magic begin!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in your interactive shows?

Our interactive shows for KS1 and KS2 are packed with magic, circus skills, physical comedy, and plenty of moments for the children to express themselves and add to the magical experience. We provide all the contents of the show including music, as well as some environmentally friendly giveaways for the students to remember the experience.

What is included in your magic and circus workshops?

Our workshops are very flexible in terms of the content, and it will vary depending on the age of the students, the length of the workshop, and the overall desired outcome.

The morning session usually is designated to magic, as it is a great starter for confidence building, creativity, and gives the students something they can share with their family. It is also the first thing they ask about after seeing the show!

The afternoon is focused on circus skills and getting the children moving – a great use for all of their after lunch energy! They will learn coordination, teamwork and perseverance skills through various juggling, balance, and more!

Which areas do you cover?

We provide Primary School assembly shows and workshops for the West Midlands, North West, and North Wales. However we sometimes travel further afield and work regularly in the South West.

How many students can we have in a show/workshop?

Our shows are seperated into KS1 and KS2, but there is no limit to the amount of children! This means that the personal interactions and magical moments are tailored to the specific age group, leading to a better experience.

We work with a maximum of 30 students per workshop, so we usually do a number of workshops throughout the day for several classes.

What do we need to provide?

Our interactive shows are best performed in a school hall with access to either a sound system or power outlet. 

If you book our additional workshop, this can also be held in the school hall, however it is possible for the magic morning session to be held in a classroom.

Do you do special events such as World Book Day, Easter, and Christmas?

Yes, yes and…yes! From our experience, these occasions can be some of the most magical, and we pride in making these events even better. We have themed seasonal shows including Christmas and Easter, and magic is the perfect way to bring stories to life for World Book Day. 

If you have another occasion in mind, we are 99.99% confident we can provide the perfect solution for your school, so please do get in touch.



Inspire. Create. Play.

To learn more about how you can offer an invaluable experience to your primary school students, get in touch and you are guaranteed to hear back within 24 hours.

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